My services


Your translation of websites, blog posts, flyers, correspondence – and what else you can think of – from English to German or vice versa.



Furthermore I can proofread and edit your documents to reflect a flawless state of German.


If you need certain texts for your website or documentation, I’m your partner in creating those in a very professional way.

What sets me apart from other translators

Latest technology

I know your code

As a Software Developer I know how websites work and which tools help me getting tasks done quicker, e.g. RegEx/Notepad++.

Online Collaboration

I’m always at service with using online tools for instant communication and collaboration, e.g. Google Docs and Skype.

Artificial Intelligence

I use AI tools where appropriate to finish big translation tasks quicker.


As an international company, we have a lot of information that needs to be translated into many languages, including German. Not only is Karl always a pleasure to work with, he is also incredibly time efficient and very responsive. He has demonstrated he is willing to go above and beyond the task required of him, and his work always exceeds our expectations.

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Diāna Krampe

At EstateGuru we need to connect people from all over the world and with Karl we’ve found a very reliable translator with a focus on quality. From small to big tasks, he always delivers perfect results, even last minute. Now after eight months and counting of collaboration we couldn’t be happier with his work.

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Triin Jõeleht


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