About me

I'm Karl, 28, from Germany and in 2017 I started my translation business geared towards startups requiring to address their German speaking audience.
My main job is being a Software Developer while I do this business on the side. My plan is to develop my abilities into a reputable company.
So far I've worked in the online marketing department of an online pharmacy and Google Ireland, where I've learned about SEO, target audiences and online advertisement.
Furthermore I hold an M.Sc. in Business & Economics. It's safe to say all these experiences combined help me being a top notch translator for online businesses.

  • Very keen eye: I spot mistakes where others won't
  • Very quick: I'm most of the time ahead of the deadline
  • Very tech focused: I use the latest tools to get work done and understand what your IT-squad tells me
  • Very alert: I know what you need and tell you if there's room for optimization


Thinking for oneself
SEO focus (when needed)
Marketing focus (when needed)